Mun I give up on trying. I can not match the beauty of you as well as your Romano.

((Plot twist: the anon had contained more beauty all along. ^^))

Why do you think I wasn’t invited to do the ending credits??

It finally happened.

Per favore don’t take this advice—!

Happy munday~

It’s a secret.


No but just imagine APH Romano giving two potatoes to Italy and Germany on their wedding day with a letter saying “raise them well”

We don’t talk about it.

((For all of those who wished to be hugged through the internet…))

Important to all Hetalia cosplayers!

((So I went to Salt Lake Comic con on Saturday as Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and as my friends and I were resting, we experienced watching the “newbies” of hetalia cosplay (I would know, I’ve been in the fandom in my area for a while and I have never seen them before until then). To be completely honest, I was a little disappointed in them…they were nice, yes, but I only talked to them for less than a minute before leaving. Later, I noticed veterans to the hetalia fandom complaining about how those hetalians were disrespecting their countries and allowing their flags to drop and touch the ground. As one of the more experienced hetalians politely asked a Prussia cosplayer to refrain from allowing the flag to touch the ground, they purposefully threw it down to the floor and said something along the lines of how Prussia was dead anyway.

So if anything, please please PLEASE be respectful about the country you are cosplaying, because you ARE representing them. I know pretty much all of you on here are careful of that—thank you so much. Also. France is not a rapist. Spain is not a pedophile. Etc.

Thank you for understanding ^^))

Do you by any chance live in Utah? ^-^

((Yes, I do indeed ^^))

Are you spaghetti cause I want you to meat my balls



Okay but seriously, where did you learn that?

There's a pickup line party going on in Romano's inbox? I want to join!! Po-tay-toh, po-tah-toe, to-may-toh, to my place~? See! I totally get all the chicks! I'm smooth aren't I fratello? =v=

No, don’t join in on this, idiot—!

…you know, maybe you should stick to the pick up lines found on the internet instead of making your own up…



Okay who keeps sending me stupid cheesy pick up lines

You know it’s not me, because all of my pick up lines are suave and smooth.


Okay who keeps sending me stupid cheesy pick up lines