Does this even count?

((I think one of the most funniest things that happened at the convention I was attending occurred when a hetalia cosplayer began to try and explain to me what hetalia was…))

Well slap me with a spatula and cover me in pasta.

This shouldn’t be happening.

As long as I get some sort of sleep, I don’t care if I’m sleeping on the top of the freaking Colosseum.

If you meant very deadly and dangerous to my “friendships” with these losers, then si.

Make way idioti, the tomato king is back.

Mun I give up on trying. I can not match the beauty of you as well as your Romano.

((Plot twist: the anon had contained more beauty all along. ^^))

Why do you think I wasn’t invited to do the ending credits??

It finally happened.

Per favore don’t take this advice—!

Happy munday~

It’s a secret.


No but just imagine APH Romano giving two potatoes to Italy and Germany on their wedding day with a letter saying “raise them well”

We don’t talk about it.

((For all of those who wished to be hugged through the internet…))